By air

Our helipad, exclusively for embarkation and debarkation, is the fastest and safest way to reach FRAD.E. Its location within the condominium area provides residents and visitors with speed and comfort any day of the year.
(SNFD Latitude22°58'12.5"S and Longitude 44 26 ' 40" W). Tel.: (024) 3369 9522.

The airport serving Angra dos Reis is located just 20 minutes from FRAD.E has a 913m x 30 m landing strip and a terminal with a waiting room, and refueling facilities and overnight parking for aircraft.
(Latitude 22 58 ' 31 "S and Longitude 44° 18 ' 26" W)

Telefone (24) 3369-9530 (24) 98865-2859

By land

The Governor Mario Covas Highway (BR-101) is one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Accessible either from SA?o Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, the road runs between the Serra do Mar and the Atlantic Ocean, with breathtaking views along the way. A perfect way to enjoy the road, take in the view and see the surrounding areas.

By sea

Located on the Carlos Borges Boulevard, the Frade Marina, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, is 80 miles south of Rio de Janeiro, 68 miles from Ilha Bela, and 90 miles from Guarujá on the São Paulo coast. It can accommodate large vessels and has complete operational infrastructure.
(Latitude22° 58′ 31″ S, Longitude44° 18′ 26″ W).
Tel.: (024) 3369 9530

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